z Sold Original antique Old West Cowboy boots
z Sold Original  antique Old West Cowboy boots
Original antique Old West Cowboy boots - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Original antique Old West Cowboy boots

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Original antique 1860 - 70s Cowboy Boots. These boots are the early classic two piece arch front in brown finish. Brown is far less common than the typical black boot. The sole in the arch is thin to allow a good feel of the stirrup. A needed feature on the first cattle drives after the war of northern aggression.  This pair of boots came out of a museum collection as witnessed by the museum catalog numbers (2F-322 .1 and 2F-322 .2) on the inside of the upper.  The sole is stitched on the edge and glued in the inside of the sole. These boot soles were  both glued and stitched. Cowboys proffered glue/stitched for comfort in the stirrup. Pegs were most common for sodbusters and infantry due to harder wear when afoot.
Anything sodbuster used was looked on with disdain by cowboys.
The heel is of stacked leather with a slight Cuban profile and nailed together with small square nails in a pattern to protect from wear. This pair of boots are the real deal. They are in remarkable condition, very soft and pliable. To find a pair in this condition is rare as most were completely used up. The stitching is remarkably delicate, with all stitches intact and no rips or tears. The soles show very light wear and no abuse. Both the uppers and foot are soft and pliable with cloth striped webbing pulls sewn on the inside of the uppers. These boots could be polished up to improve their display if you want, but I think they looked great just as they are. Toes are just a bit more rounded as compared with military boots. I have stuffed the uppers with a non-acetic paper. These antique boots are hard to find in good condition. These would fill a gap in any military or Old West collection.

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