z Sold Right Hand Heiser Holster with main seam laced
z Sold Right Hand Heiser Holster with main seam laced
Right Hand Heiser Holster with main seam laced - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Right Hand Heiser Holster with main seam laced

RJT#5736 -


EARLY "H.H. HEISER" HOLSTER This holster  takes a 4 3/4 or 5 1/2 inch Colt S.A.A. perfectly. A unique addition suitable for the finest collection. An  H. H. Heiser model #910 Double Loop Right Side Holster in very good "daily use" condition.  You will notice that the model number has been a re-strike. The original strike was 410. The model 410 was an often seen number. So, what is it about this model that is different? The laced up main seem? I don't think so. It is the leather weight. This holster is a lighter weight that you see on almost all Heiser  side holsters. Some one made a special request for lighter weight. The lighter leather is something that would have been requested by a man that wanted to minimize weight for daily use. A man that know what he wants and why. Perhaps a Ranger or a Sheriff?

The Hermann H. Heiser Manufacturing made this beautiful Model #910 Double Loop Holster from Premium 5/6 ounce Leather, with the main seam laced to give it an added bit of elegance. This is a handsome Holster  properly marked with the H. H. Heiser Denver Colo. with the oval maker's mark logo which would date this holster from 1910 through 1925. You will note it has no safety strap as many Heiser holsters have, giving it the feel and appearance of an early frontier holster. My badge and Colt SAA is not included.

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