z Sold 1860 Army Conversion By Dave Anderson.
z Sold 1860 Army Conversion By Dave Anderson.
1860 Army Conversion By Dave Anderson - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold 1860 Army Conversion By Dave Anderson.

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In the book METALLIC CARTRIDGE CONVERSIONS on page 175, Author Dennis Adler states:
"While craftsmen like Gren, Howell and Millington were building custom cartridge conversions; the demand for these guns far outstripped the ability to produce sufficient quantities. Hand Crafted versions were just that, handcrafted, and they require considerable time to build and were expensive, averaging more that $1000.  Into this scenario arrive Dave Anderson, a former machinist who segued got into gunsmithing as a second career in the late 1970s."
That resulted in a sort of a semi custom conversion, but as reality would have it no, reduction in price. (I remember when I first started offering these in my catalog I was paying $800 and $900 dealer cost. )When Anderson discontinued operation his average guns were selling in the $1300.+ price range.
This one is a 1860 Army in .44 Colt Cartridge. 8 inch barrel.The main feature of this gun is the stunning high polish, high luster blue. It has a likewise stunning silver plated trigger guard which is almost as bright today as the day it was boxed. The gun is mechanically perfect. The only flaws are two fine scratches on the cylinder and miner handling marks. Serial number is 2512 marked on the frame and the barrel. On the underside of the barrel it is marked AFF AGUANGA CA. On the top of the barrel is marked
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