Non- firing pistol -M1849 Pocket old west revolver
Non- firing pistol -M1849 Pocket old west revolver
A M1849 Pocket Old West Revolver is a Replica and Non Firing with working parts - Click to Enlarge Image

Non- firing pistol -M1849 Pocket old west revolver

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This .31 caliber small frame WELLS FARGO was used during the Gold Rush, Civil War, and Old West Eras. Our hideaway replica gun measures 7.75" in length with a 5 shot rotating cylinder, 3" metal octagonaly barrel and comes with wood grips. Features Length: 7.75" Weight: 1.2 Lbs.
This famous civil war era revolver was used extensively throughout the War Between the States by both Union and Confederate troops. It's 7.1/2" octagonal barrel and strong frame made for a reliable, handsome sidearm. The barrel and frame of this replica gun feature elegant scroll engraving while the cylinder is engraved with tall sailing ships. This model gun features realistic looking replica ivory grips.  Length:13" Weight: 2.3 lbs.
This NON FIRING collectors gun in GRAY FINISH GIVING IT AN AGED LOOK is a close copy of the original that was Chambered for .31 caliber round ball. This heavy metal alloy, copy weighs 2.00 lbs, about the same as the old original. The dimensions are exact. The weight gives this copy the feel of the real deal.  The hammer can be brought back one click, there by allowing the cylinder to rotate exposing the nipples for loading. This copy does not fire caps. Bring the hammer back to full cock, it sounds just like the real deal. Pull the trigger and the hammer will fall. If you watch some of the later Western Movies you can spot these prop guns in the back ground. All this at a very reasonable price when an original would easily cost you 100 time as much and more. Other props and not included in this sale.

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