(Special Order) MAKE TO YOUR GUN Stag Elk with Bark-Grips 1872 Open top RJT#6807
(Special Order) MAKE TO YOUR GUN  Stag Elk with Bark-Grips 1872 Open top RJT#6807
Special Order Grips from Elk made just for your revolver

(Special Order) MAKE TO YOUR GUN Stag Elk with Bark-Grips 1872 Open top RJT#6807

RJT#6807 -


Do you have a rare antique or another revolver that is hard to find unique grips for?  Here is the answer!
(MADE TO YOUR ORDER) Smooth Elk, Jigged Elk, and Stag Elk with Bark on the Grip, created by our most talented crafters. These Grips will fit your revolver because, we do the fitting to your gun. We specialize in the kind of arms that were present at the opening of the American West. Most will have some Natural character, but are guaranteed stable. We love to produce grips with the look and feel as though they could have been on the streets of Dodge City, Kans., Laredo, Tex. Dawson City, Yukon Terr. and  Deadwood Dakota Terr. They can be fit to original and reproductions like Merwin Hulber, Smith & Wession, Hopkins & Allen, Remington, Colt, and Pietta, Uberti, USFA, Colt, Ruger, Heritage Rough Rider. No two grips will have exactly the same color or jig pattern. They are intended to give your pistola a vintage look. On the inside of the grip is usually a locator pin hole, it is positioned to match up with your pin, but many need to be enlarged or moved slightly to fit on your particular shooter. On our web pages you can see a variety of grips we have done. That will give you and idea of our skill level. Charges may very.Remember they are natural material and will have some imperfections.

NOTE: For best fit we prefer to have your revolver.
If you are not comfortable with that, we can work from your original grips.
In that case you may nave some fitting to do, either way the price is the same.

Choose Options Here

#6 Elk with Bark Light Stain
#7 Elk with Bark Medium Stain
#8 Elk with Bark Dark Stain
For proper fitting and protection of your Firearm, fill out the Below Information.
Your Pistol/Revolver:
1. Manufacturer
2. Model
3. Importer/Distributer
4. Last 3 numbers of the Serial Number
5. Caliber
6. Firearm Being Forwarded for Fitting?
7. Grips Being Forwarded for Fitting?
Item should ship in 10 Business days after we receive the frame

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